Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Quotes

Sometimes Melodye and Brooke do and say things that I want to remember always.

  • Tonight while playing Mario Party 8, Brooke was not happy that she was losing the mini games. Melodye started telling her "I don't know what happened, we all tied." She then got Brooke to agree that they should gang up on the computer players.

  • Brooke was in bed and I heard her singing with Spiderman. So I went to check that she really was in bed. She was and told me "Spiderman is my best friend and so are you."

  • We were talking at dinner about crazy food choices. Melodye could not believe that she used to dip her pancakes in ketchup or her broccoli in mayo. Crazy things that she grew out of and now at 7 she is just too mature to consider eating either of those combinations.

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