Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update for March

I have been on Spring Break the last week and it has felt wonderful. I really did need it. Melodye still had school and Brooke still went to daycare. I spent the time reorganizing my scrapbook room. I even made two quick layouts. No pictures. I sewed the pants for Brooke and Melodye that I had been meaning to do since fall, but they are now finished. I actually did enjoy making Melodye's pants because I knew what I was doing after trying with Brooke's pants. I will have to get a picture of them wearing the pants and post it here. I also kept up with laundry, which never happens when I am working. It felt good to be caught up with laundry each day.

Today we went to Walmart. Tommy had to return a spreader, so the girls and I went to the book department. I look up from a magazine and this is what I saw.

Aren't they just the cutest? I love seeing them read. I am glad that this is one habit that they have taken after me. No offense Tommy, but this is a good thing, even when Melodye stays up to late reading at night.

I went to get close up pictures. I was able to for Melodye, but Brooke got up before I could take her picture. She was laying down on the floor with books spread around.

I found out tonight that my uncle is in the hospital. He had a pretty bad stroke. It can go either way for him. Please send some prayers his way. He can take any that come his way.

Denise is supposed to be induced tomorrow. So good thoughts and prayers are being sent that way also. Hopefully whatever medication (epidural, hopefully) is given will work wonderfully and the labor will be super fast so that gorgeous baby boy can be in Denise and Jason's arms early and definitely healthy.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Friday the girls and I went to Noel and Jill's to color eggs. It was surprising that Brooke was the most patient with waiting for the eggs to dye. After the kids were done, Jill and I redyed some eggs to make them darker and discovered how to make some gorgeous purple eggs. Instead of using the purple dye, use pink/purple and then blue.

Melodye ended up staying the night and Maddy stayed with us. Maddy and Brooke dressed up and colored about the whole time. I am so glad that Maddy introduced Brooke to the dressy costumes instead of always using Spiderman. Here's a picture of Brooke and Maddy.

On Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt with Kelly and Ethan. Brooke says "That is My Ethan." I tried to take pictures of Brooke and Ethan together because I do not have any of them. I could not get a smiling picture. They did everything they could to take "crazy pictures". In fact, they were feeding off of each other. But they are still really cute!

I got and early birthday present. Isn't is just so cute. The purse was a COMPLETE suprise to me. I don't need to mention who the present was from except to say that it is someone I really love and enjoy spending my time with.

I finally took pictures of Denise and Jason's Baby Blanket. I lok at these pictures and realize that I really do need to take the time to learn how to use Photoshop Elements. I have the program and a tutorial book, but I just haven't taken the time. I need to find that time.

This blanket was an easy make. I used Lions Brand Cotton Ease. And it took about one month to finish with me taking about 1 1/2 weeks off in the middle. I really hope that they will like it and use it. When Melodye saw the finished product, she asked for one for her bed.

Melodye asked me why we celebrate Easter. As I was explaining the story to her, she started tearing up. I aked her afterwards why. SHe told me that "It is just so sad that Jesus died and that makes me sad." She really feels her emotions and doesn't hold back and I really love it most times.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Have you heard of Pandora? I first heard about it on the She-Knits Podcast. Then I read about it on a blog. After hearing about it, I decided to check it out. You put in an artist or song that you like. The site/program analyzes the song or artist and finds other songs that are similar. Some of the songs/artists are well known and others are not. Now you have your own radio station based on what you like. There are also links so that you can buy the song if you want. So now I have the problem that I am finding new songs that I want to purchase.

I did not get the picture of the blanket today, not enough time in my day. Tomorrow I definitely will not be taking and posting a picture. I have a meeting until 5:30. Melodye has Girl Scouts, Soccer Practice, and Book Fair. By time we get home, I think we will just want to collapse. So here's hoping for a picture on Thursday.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Forgot it was St. Patrick's Day - Bad mom! Luckily Melodye had a shirt that had a tiny bit of green on. Brooke and I did not have green on at all. I did give the kids at school stickers so that everyone had green on and didn't have to worry about the older kids pinching them. And of course, I made the rule that pinching was not allowed in my classroom.

I did not take a picture of the blanket. It was raining all afternon and evening. I will definitely take a picture tomorrow even if the weather is bad. No really . . . I do mean it.

Tomorrow is the start of the soccer season. Brooke has practice tomorrow and she can't wait. She tried to dress for soccer practice on Saturday and was mad when I wouldn't take her to practice.

The craziness is starting because Melodye has practice on Mondays and Wednesdays and Brooke has practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Which works out so we have time to eat dinner and do homework unlike last year, but on the other hand we have something everyday. But it is worth it considering how much they enjoy their soccer. I am so glad that they enjoy soccer. I never really played any sports, other than volleyball in 8th grade (and I sucked at it). I want them to be active, healthy, and enjoy their time playing soccer, and so far they do.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cute Girls

A couple of weekends ago the girls had their faces painted. I hadn't shared the pictures yet. I decided to share them today because I am working on report cards. I love teaching Kindergarten, but the testing and the recording for the report cards is a lot more work than any other grade level. Which means that while I am filling out the report cards, I am mumbling and grumbling, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Now onto the pictures. The first picture is of Brooke. She originally wanted SpongeBob, but I convinced her to do something simpler because the lady painting had to leave right after that. So instead of SpongeBob, she go Dora's Star from the Dora and the Starcatcher episode. Of course we didn't actually plan on it being anything other than a star.

Melodye wanted a cat. Not just any cat, but a white and black cat.

Yesterday I finished weaving in the ends on Jason and Denise's baby blanket. Now it has to be blocked. Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow so that I can take some decent pictures to post.

I do have to apologize that I don't always have pictures. I usually plan on having pictures, but sometimes (most times) Blogger takes FOREVER to upload my pictures not matter how many I am trying to put on. I don't know why, but it is hard to complain when you are getting a free service.

Upcoming Birthday

My husband, Tommy, has been asking what I want for my birthday (April 27). So thought I would put a list here with the links to make it easier for him.

1. A purse from ElisaLou Designs. Design-wise I would like a Bailey Bag, a Small Bucket Bag, or a Large Bucket Bag. Fabric-wise I like Bead Around, Clementine Far Out Floral, Kashmir Olive, Pink Bangle Dot, and Spin Floral.

2. I would like a few books: Bend the Rules Sewing, In Stitches, Amigurumi, Photo Freedom,
Knitted Babes

3. A gift certificate or yarn from Stitch By Stitch in Highland.

4. I still would like my hair done. (Boy does it need it!)

5. Trash Ties.

6. Jewelry from LuckyClover. The jewelry is a bit pricey, but just so beautiful.

7. I have the right to post gift ideas at a later date.

Which Harry Potter Character Am I?

When I asked Tommy, he laughed and said "Weasley." I guess it's true since I came out as Ron Weasley.

Here's a link to the quiz.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Return of Indy

Tomorrow I have to do a presentation to the teachers at school about what I learned from the conference I went to earlier this month. I made my first powerpoint presentation. I think it looks great if I do say so myself.

So I thought I would show my favorite photos from Indy that I took.

First we have the logo on the bag that we received at registration. I just liked the angle I achieved in a Subway shop.

Now we have the street scene from my 11th floor hotel room. It is a little blurry, but I still like the action that it shows.

This was a sculpture that I really liked at the Westin, where we stayed. Plus the picture seems a little professional looking to me.

I went for a walk and just liked this sign so I took a picture of it.

This is the walkway between the Westin and the Convention Center. I really liked the view that I was able to achieve crouching down. I did get a few strange looks from some people while taking this.

I had other favorites, but this was all that Blogger would allow me to upload. If anyone know how to post from Flickr with more than one picture, please let me know. I just can't seem to figure it out. I wanted to include a picture of the street from the walkway and a delicious brownie that I ate.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I "sort of" have been tagged by Nichol, if you click on her name you will see why it is "sort of".

The object or point of this tag is to tell 7 things that are not commonly known about me. So here goes nothing.

1. I do not like to try new foods. When I do try something new, my husband orders something I like so that we can trade if I am not happy with the new item.

2. I do not like large crowds. Along those lines, it takes me awhile to warm up to people, which causes some people to call me snobby. But once I know you, I talk a person's ear off.

3. I have RLS. Big scary letters for Restless Leg Syndrome, which means that I am constantly needing to move my feet, even in my sleep. It is better with medication, but not 100% cured.

4. I have had two miscarriages. They both emotionally hurt me more than people realize, but at the same time I am glad that they occurred. If I had not had those miscarriages, I would not have Melodye and Brooklyn. The miscarriages happened before each of their births.

5. I have this need to have everything even. If I chew one cheek, I must chew the other cheek. If I tap one hand on the table, I must tap the other hand on the table. I feel this need to be even, or I feel as if I am unbalanced and I will feel that way until I even things out.

6. I do not usually wear red because of a dream I had when I was five. I went to bed wearing red pajamas. I dreamt that I was surrounded by people all laughing, yelling, and pointing at me. They were yelling "You're of the devil because you are wearing red." That dream really frightened me and I still have a hard time purchasing and wearing red for myself. I know it's crazy.

7. I must say " I love you" to my family whenever I am leaving or they are leaving. I worry that if I do not, then something will happen to one of us. I know this is probably connected to my mom dying when I was so young and my not being able to remember her. But I feel that if we say "I love you" and something does happen that will be the last thing we remember about that person.

That probably was a lot more than you ever wanted to know about me. In fact your probably thinking "Wow! She has a lot more baggage than I thought." But isn't that life. There is always more going on below the surface than people realize.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Back!!!!

I'm back from Indy. The conference was great. I learned so much. I took lots of pictures that I will have to share at another time. We even had a day of 63 degree weather. Of course, today it was 32 degrees there and starting to sleet when we left. I enjoyed myslef, but I am so glad that I am home with my loving husband and daughters. Oh, I almost forgot . . . you won't believe what Melodye made to welcome me home. She made . . . . A Welcome Home Hot Dog!!! Now I do have to say that this is not something that everyone gets. : ) She is just too cute.

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