Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Have you heard of Pandora? I first heard about it on the She-Knits Podcast. Then I read about it on a blog. After hearing about it, I decided to check it out. You put in an artist or song that you like. The site/program analyzes the song or artist and finds other songs that are similar. Some of the songs/artists are well known and others are not. Now you have your own radio station based on what you like. There are also links so that you can buy the song if you want. So now I have the problem that I am finding new songs that I want to purchase.

I did not get the picture of the blanket today, not enough time in my day. Tomorrow I definitely will not be taking and posting a picture. I have a meeting until 5:30. Melodye has Girl Scouts, Soccer Practice, and Book Fair. By time we get home, I think we will just want to collapse. So here's hoping for a picture on Thursday.

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Virtuous said...

Hi Jennifer!!!

Thank you SO much for coming out of "lurdom" and comment on my Blog Anniversary!!

Please be sure to send me an e-mail at: crimsondiva1999@yahoo.com
with the subject "Jennifer - Blog Anniversary Contest" so that I know how to reach you!

Hope you keep on reading me!
I so appreciate you looking thru all my F.O.s! LOL ;op

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