Thursday, July 31, 2008

What I Learned & Fourth of July

What I have learned . . . . How to post more than five pictures!!!! Thank you to everyone that posted and explained to me how I need to just do more than one batch. That it is really only limited to five pictures in a batch. Thank you, Thank you. I haven't posted Fourth of July pictures or our vacation pictures for that matter because I didn't know how to narrow it down. But now that I know I can do more, I am finally presenting Fourth of July. Now I forgot to make sure that I put them in the order that I want. Ooooops! But that is okay. Just so you know the bottom five are from the parade and in the morning. The top five are from the picnic at my parents house in the afternoon.

Here is a picture of Brooke with her cousin Makayla. Makayla is a year older than Brooke and starting Kindergarten this year!!!! She is finally starting to get excited about it.

This is a close up of a headband that I made for Brooke. Melodye also has one, but her ribbon is blue instead of read. The pattern came from Heather Bailey.

This is my nephew Jalen. He is Makayla's younger brother. He is not sure of what to make of me. I don't see him that often. A lot of time he throws a crying fit when my sister leaves him at my parents. If I am there, I let him cry. But once he starts trying to hit his head on the ground. I tell him (in my teacher voice of course) "You can cry all you want, but you will not throw a fit." Each time he tries to stop crying, sniffles, and looks at me like I am crazy. He can think I am crazy, but he does stop that head pounding.

Here is my brother, Jason, with my youngest nephew Cody. Isn't he a doll? Brooke just loves to help Cody. He makes her feel so big.

And of course, we have my niece Maddy who has been on here before.

Now we are at the parade. I don't know what setting I had on my camera that is why the color is all funky in this picture. This is my dear, dear husband, Tommy with Brooke. Aren't they cute?

When I took this picture, I knew I would love it. Well once I put it on the computer (I never can remember if that is upload or download) I found out Melodye was giving Brooke bunny ears. I showed her and told her she shouldn't have done it. She asked why not, it's still a cute picture.

Brooke has started having a problem with loud noises. She can't even stand the toliet flushing. So Melodye was a good big sister and helped cover Brooke's ears when Brooke's hands weren't doing enough of a job.
While waiting for the parade, the girls were busy playing DS. We brought all of their games so they could have a choice. You really have to be early to get good seats for the parade. Some people start putting out their chairs and blankets the night before! But not us. We get to the parade route and hope for the best. This year we had to sit on the opposite side of the street and I am glad. The sun didn't shine in our faces as much. I think we'll try there again.

Now when we left the house Brooke's hair was down but with the headband. The girl tore it out after awhile because she got hot. She dries me crazy taking her hair things out. So after the parade, when we went home I put the headband back in and braided her hair. That hairstyle lasted the rest of the day. Side note: Brooke and Melodye got their ears pierced almost two weeks ago. Ever since Brooke has kept her hair fixed. She has also asked me to fix her hair!!!! Yes, I know that is unheard of for her. The only reason this change came about was because she wants to show off her earrings.

After we left my parents house we went to the outlet to shop their holiday sale. We got the girls some new summer clothes to start the school year with. It is always so hot when they start. At least their schools have air conditioning unlike mine. (pity party time) By the time we finished at the outlet fireworks had already started so we watched them as we were driving. We were really able to see a variety that way. Oh and we did watch the parade with Tommy's dad and Marsha, so yes we did see both sides of the family that day.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Master Bathroom Reorganization

I have been participating in this challenge since last month with the toyroom, but I forgot to mention it. OOOPS.

Here is a close up of the third shelf. The basket on the left is the basket my husband and I share. The basket on the right is one of my baskets. It's hard to tell but there are two buckets in there from the Target Dollar Spot. I love those buckets. I ended up going back and getting more for elsewhere in the house and my classroom.

Here is the inside of our medicine cabinet. There isn't much in there. Due to the change in temperatures and humidity, our medicine is kept in a upper cabinet in the kitchen. In our medicine cabinet we have Noxema, Oil of Olay facial lotion, contact solution and extra contact solution, contacts, glasses, floss, and stuff for swimmer's ear. Not a real exciting medicine cabinet to peek in during a party. : )

Here is the whole bathroom. The color is off in these pictures, but I didn't retake them. Just too lazy to do that. My husband decorated the bathroom. The shower curtain is from Bed Bath and Beyond from four years ago. The paint color is a purple from Home Depot. The baskets are from Home Depot. The basket on top of the toilet holds jewelry cleaner and refill, jewelry tarnish remover, and nail polish remover. They need to be right there or they will not be used.

I did not include a picture of the cabinet below the sink. The left side has a basket with my woman's personal items. The right side has a hair dryer, flat iron, cleaning wipes, and garbage bags. I planned on including the picture but blogger will only allow me five pictures and Brooke asked me to include her in my post showing her muscles off in the master bathroom.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Girls' Bathroom Reorganization

I put reorganizing the girls' bathroom off for quite awhile. I really shouldn't have. It really didn't take as long as I thought it would have.

Here is the view into the girls' bathroom. Garbage can, laundry hamper, plunger, and toilet brush are located under the counter. On top of the counter are two white sterlite drawers and two baskets which I will talk about later.

This bathroom did not have a medicine cabinet so we put in this shelf that came from Target about 4 years ago. On the shelf we have Q-tips safety swabs, fingernail clippers, band-aids, newsprint, etc. Hanging from the shelf are some fancy hair things that are too large to fit with the other hair things. Around the sink are toothbrushes, toothpaste, flossers, and soap. es we only have two girls, but about 8 toothbrushes. 2 of the toothbrushes belong to my niece and nephew for when they stay the night and forget their own. The rest of the toothbrushes belong to the girls. They like to have choices of which one to use. Flossers are located in a small container. They need to be on the counter or the girls will not use them.

The bath toys go in the two baskets. The baskets go on the floor when Brooke is in the bathtub. The baskets go in the bathtub when the water is out of the tub. I like to use the baskets so that the water is able to automatically run out of the toys without sitting on the bottom of the container. I personally don't mind moving the baskets in and out of the tub as she takes a bath. It is worth it to me so that everyone who uses the bathroom does not need to see our bath toy collection.

Here we have the under the sink area. Here we have extra toothbrushes for when kids stay the night and forget theirs. These are usually the ones the dentist gives out. Extra soap, shampoo, conditioner, wipes, toilet paper, cleaning wipes, and garbage bags go under here. We still by baby wipes from Costco even though Brooke is potty trained and has been for quite awhile. This is just where we store them. We use the wipes in the van for any messes or dirty hands. I also use them at school so the kids can clean their desks.

In the two sterlite drawers are hair things. The left side holds barrettes, fancy ponytail holders, and fancy clips. The right side holds headbands. The left basket holds brushes, combs, detangler spray, and ponytail holders. The right side holds deodorant, lotion, perfume, fingernail polish, and fingernail clippers. To the right of the drawers is a book with different hairstyles that the girls sometimes like to use. Oh, I forgot the baskets are from Home Depot from a year ago.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update


My parents invited the girls to visit. We ran errands during that time and tried to see "Dark Knight", but they we sold out except for the 11:30 pm show. So of course we said "No way".


Karlee came to visit. When my parents came to get Karlee, the girls asked to stay the night. So we ordered tickets online and we were able to see "Dark Knight". Let me tell you it was wonderful. I have not seen any other Batman in their entirety until now. It was 2 and a half hours long, but went quickly. I don't think the girls would have enjoyed the movie, but we sure did. After the movie we went back to my parents to get the girls. Brooke had decided that she didn't want to stay the night and Melodye said she would go home since Brooke wanted her to. Of course, they both fell asleep before we were a mile from their house.

We hung around the house each doing our own thing. We had move my scrapbook room around the other day, so I spent most of the day organizing and putting things away. I listened to ScrapHappy podcast the whole time. Tommy worked on a couple of papers that were due that day. He had the whole week to work on it, but waited until yesterday to start on it. The girls played Wii, Nintendo DS, watched Sponge Bob, and played on the computer.


Today the girls got their ears pierced! Brooke has been asking all summer and I finally gave in. Melodye had hers pierced 4 years ago, but let them close up when they got an infection. She finally wanted them redone when Tommy told her this was her only chance. Claire's only had one person working, so their ears were each done one at a time. I didn't get any pictures because the girl at Claire's did Brooke's first ear while I was filling out paperwork. I had to hold her in my lap for the second ear. Brooke cried after that one, so I was comforting her while Mel's ears were completed. But they are both loving their earrings now. I reorganized the girls bathroom today. I will try to reorganize my bathroom tomorrow. We will see about that. Tomorrow night we are going to a Rodney Atkins concert with my brother, Noel and Jill. Of course, we are planning on eating fair food!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cake Decorating

This is my first try at a decorated cake after only 2 classes. I have a long way to go, but I think it turned out pretty good.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swimming Update

I now can do the freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke. I also have dived off the side of the pool. I never thought I would learn all of this in such a short time (3 weeks). My goal was to learn how to put my face in the water without holding my nose. I learned that day 1 so I have been trying to push myself past my comfort level so that I will learn new things. I think the next step I need to take is to spend the whole lesson time in the deep end swimming just to prove to myself that I really can do it.

Today I heard a song on the radio that I liked. I was surprised to find out it was by Kid Rock. The song really didn't sound like him to me. So I came home and looked on Itunes when I was told by my husband that I won't find it. He said that Kid Rock doesn't want his music on Itunes, which is his choice. But that leaves me not able to listen to the song on my Ipod. Surprise, surprise I go to Google Reader to get updated on my blog reading and one of the blogs had an youtube video of All Summer Long. So I am going to include it. Mind you, I like the song not necessarily the video.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I cannot wait for this movie to come out.

I just finished reading Eclipse. I have had it since last summer. I knew I would love it so I waited to read it until this summer so that I won't have to wait that long to read Breaking Dawn. Now I am impatient for it to come out on August 2.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

Happy Belated Fourth of July to everyone.

Fourth of July we went to the parade. It was wonderful weather - not too hot with a little bit of wind. We sat on the opposite side of the street than we usually sit and it was wonderful there. The girls got tons of candy. The kids (mine and others) stayed in their areas and even took candy to other kids. It really was nice that there wasn't anyone snatching candy away from other kids. Then we went to my parents house for a picnic. Lots of good food. Then we left from there and went shopping at the Lighthouse Mall with Noel, Jill, and the kids. Brooke got new clothes, but Melodye did not. Melodye was too busy playing with Nonnie to look at clothes. So she lost out. Oh well, it's not like she is needing any clothes. The girls and I each got a new pair of Crocs. I love when I can actually find comfortable shoes in my size (12)! Then we came home and crashed.

Fifth of July we went to Great America with Noel, Jill, and the kids. We had a blast. Nonnie and Melodye went on their first real roller coaster. It was nice having a day out like that and no fighting. I think we all needed a break. Nonnie and Maddy ended up staying the night with us.

Sixth of July we went to the inlaws house for a picnic. Such a beautiful day for it. We have been so lucky weather wise. We had so much fun. The time just flew while we were there. The kids played with baby dolls, bubbles, and of course everyone played the bean bag game. This side of the family have to play the bean bag game anytime it is nice out and we are together. :)

I don't have any pictures because I haven't taken them off the camera yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Joke

Brooke told her first knock-knock joke to me the other day.

Brooke: Kniock Knock
Me: Who's there?
Brooke: Brooklyn
Me: Brooklyn who?
Brooke: Open the door and you can see me.

Not bad for a three year old!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mish Mash of Sorts

This post is going to be just a bunch of different somethings.

I finished sewing Brooke her skull apron. She was all for posing in her apron as long as she got to wear her winter skull hat. I really think she looks like a "skater girl" in this hat. Brooke also did this pose on her own. LOL

Here is a close up of the fabric. I purchased this at a local Joanns. I took the fabric up there and said give me all that you have. Luckily enough, there was enough for this apron and I might be able to do something little with the rest. I am thinking a bag or a headband for Brooke, maybe even both of them.

On Melodye's birthday (June 20), My sister-in-law, Jill came over with her kids Nonnie and Maddy. We went strawberry picking, which was my first time ever. We picked lots. I have made approximately (I am too lazy to go downstairs to count) 22 jars of Strawberry Freezer Jam and about 13 jars of Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana Freezer Jam. I didn't realize how fun, easy, quick, and tasty this was. Thanks Jill for hooking me up with the concept. Afterwards they cam over to play Wii Fit and just have fun. Melodye and Nonnie had read how to take funny pictures on the side of the Wendy's kids meal bags. So this photo is one that they begged to take. This is Nonnie with Melodye's dirty socks showing.

During the playtime with Nonnie and Maddy, Brooke couldn't hold in her excitement. The picture is very blurry, but I love it because it shows Brooke's personality and excitement to have her cousins over.

I forgot to post this picture in quite awhile. We had went to my brother, Noel, Jill, Nonnie, and Maddy's house about a month ago to help with some cleaning up in their yard. Now there are not that many times that Melodye does hard labor. (She's like her mom in that way.) So of course I had to take a picture.
Before I end I have to say Happy 9th Anniversary to my dear, adorable, cute, caring husband. These nine years have flown because you have made them so wonderful just by being you. I wouldn't trade a minute of these nine years for any kind of money.

Also, Happy 5th Birthday to my niece Makayla. We went to her birthday party, but I forgot my camera (Bad Aunt).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Favorite

I love this commercial even after all this time.

Breast Stroke

In swimming classes tonight, we worked on the breast stroke the whole hour. I cannot get the rhythm going at all. I am worn out. My arms are aching that it hurts to lift my arms up. At least this does mean that I am getting quite a workout. But I do not like this stroke. I would rather go back to freestyle and backstroke. I know. . . I am a big whiney baby. LOL

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