Thursday, July 31, 2008

What I Learned & Fourth of July

What I have learned . . . . How to post more than five pictures!!!! Thank you to everyone that posted and explained to me how I need to just do more than one batch. That it is really only limited to five pictures in a batch. Thank you, Thank you. I haven't posted Fourth of July pictures or our vacation pictures for that matter because I didn't know how to narrow it down. But now that I know I can do more, I am finally presenting Fourth of July. Now I forgot to make sure that I put them in the order that I want. Ooooops! But that is okay. Just so you know the bottom five are from the parade and in the morning. The top five are from the picnic at my parents house in the afternoon.

Here is a picture of Brooke with her cousin Makayla. Makayla is a year older than Brooke and starting Kindergarten this year!!!! She is finally starting to get excited about it.

This is a close up of a headband that I made for Brooke. Melodye also has one, but her ribbon is blue instead of read. The pattern came from Heather Bailey.

This is my nephew Jalen. He is Makayla's younger brother. He is not sure of what to make of me. I don't see him that often. A lot of time he throws a crying fit when my sister leaves him at my parents. If I am there, I let him cry. But once he starts trying to hit his head on the ground. I tell him (in my teacher voice of course) "You can cry all you want, but you will not throw a fit." Each time he tries to stop crying, sniffles, and looks at me like I am crazy. He can think I am crazy, but he does stop that head pounding.

Here is my brother, Jason, with my youngest nephew Cody. Isn't he a doll? Brooke just loves to help Cody. He makes her feel so big.

And of course, we have my niece Maddy who has been on here before.

Now we are at the parade. I don't know what setting I had on my camera that is why the color is all funky in this picture. This is my dear, dear husband, Tommy with Brooke. Aren't they cute?

When I took this picture, I knew I would love it. Well once I put it on the computer (I never can remember if that is upload or download) I found out Melodye was giving Brooke bunny ears. I showed her and told her she shouldn't have done it. She asked why not, it's still a cute picture.

Brooke has started having a problem with loud noises. She can't even stand the toliet flushing. So Melodye was a good big sister and helped cover Brooke's ears when Brooke's hands weren't doing enough of a job.
While waiting for the parade, the girls were busy playing DS. We brought all of their games so they could have a choice. You really have to be early to get good seats for the parade. Some people start putting out their chairs and blankets the night before! But not us. We get to the parade route and hope for the best. This year we had to sit on the opposite side of the street and I am glad. The sun didn't shine in our faces as much. I think we'll try there again.

Now when we left the house Brooke's hair was down but with the headband. The girl tore it out after awhile because she got hot. She dries me crazy taking her hair things out. So after the parade, when we went home I put the headband back in and braided her hair. That hairstyle lasted the rest of the day. Side note: Brooke and Melodye got their ears pierced almost two weeks ago. Ever since Brooke has kept her hair fixed. She has also asked me to fix her hair!!!! Yes, I know that is unheard of for her. The only reason this change came about was because she wants to show off her earrings.

After we left my parents house we went to the outlet to shop their holiday sale. We got the girls some new summer clothes to start the school year with. It is always so hot when they start. At least their schools have air conditioning unlike mine. (pity party time) By the time we finished at the outlet fireworks had already started so we watched them as we were driving. We were really able to see a variety that way. Oh and we did watch the parade with Tommy's dad and Marsha, so yes we did see both sides of the family that day.

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