Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update


My parents invited the girls to visit. We ran errands during that time and tried to see "Dark Knight", but they we sold out except for the 11:30 pm show. So of course we said "No way".


Karlee came to visit. When my parents came to get Karlee, the girls asked to stay the night. So we ordered tickets online and we were able to see "Dark Knight". Let me tell you it was wonderful. I have not seen any other Batman in their entirety until now. It was 2 and a half hours long, but went quickly. I don't think the girls would have enjoyed the movie, but we sure did. After the movie we went back to my parents to get the girls. Brooke had decided that she didn't want to stay the night and Melodye said she would go home since Brooke wanted her to. Of course, they both fell asleep before we were a mile from their house.

We hung around the house each doing our own thing. We had move my scrapbook room around the other day, so I spent most of the day organizing and putting things away. I listened to ScrapHappy podcast the whole time. Tommy worked on a couple of papers that were due that day. He had the whole week to work on it, but waited until yesterday to start on it. The girls played Wii, Nintendo DS, watched Sponge Bob, and played on the computer.


Today the girls got their ears pierced! Brooke has been asking all summer and I finally gave in. Melodye had hers pierced 4 years ago, but let them close up when they got an infection. She finally wanted them redone when Tommy told her this was her only chance. Claire's only had one person working, so their ears were each done one at a time. I didn't get any pictures because the girl at Claire's did Brooke's first ear while I was filling out paperwork. I had to hold her in my lap for the second ear. Brooke cried after that one, so I was comforting her while Mel's ears were completed. But they are both loving their earrings now. I reorganized the girls bathroom today. I will try to reorganize my bathroom tomorrow. We will see about that. Tomorrow night we are going to a Rodney Atkins concert with my brother, Noel and Jill. Of course, we are planning on eating fair food!

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