Friday, July 25, 2008

The Girls' Bathroom Reorganization

I put reorganizing the girls' bathroom off for quite awhile. I really shouldn't have. It really didn't take as long as I thought it would have.

Here is the view into the girls' bathroom. Garbage can, laundry hamper, plunger, and toilet brush are located under the counter. On top of the counter are two white sterlite drawers and two baskets which I will talk about later.

This bathroom did not have a medicine cabinet so we put in this shelf that came from Target about 4 years ago. On the shelf we have Q-tips safety swabs, fingernail clippers, band-aids, newsprint, etc. Hanging from the shelf are some fancy hair things that are too large to fit with the other hair things. Around the sink are toothbrushes, toothpaste, flossers, and soap. es we only have two girls, but about 8 toothbrushes. 2 of the toothbrushes belong to my niece and nephew for when they stay the night and forget their own. The rest of the toothbrushes belong to the girls. They like to have choices of which one to use. Flossers are located in a small container. They need to be on the counter or the girls will not use them.

The bath toys go in the two baskets. The baskets go on the floor when Brooke is in the bathtub. The baskets go in the bathtub when the water is out of the tub. I like to use the baskets so that the water is able to automatically run out of the toys without sitting on the bottom of the container. I personally don't mind moving the baskets in and out of the tub as she takes a bath. It is worth it to me so that everyone who uses the bathroom does not need to see our bath toy collection.

Here we have the under the sink area. Here we have extra toothbrushes for when kids stay the night and forget theirs. These are usually the ones the dentist gives out. Extra soap, shampoo, conditioner, wipes, toilet paper, cleaning wipes, and garbage bags go under here. We still by baby wipes from Costco even though Brooke is potty trained and has been for quite awhile. This is just where we store them. We use the wipes in the van for any messes or dirty hands. I also use them at school so the kids can clean their desks.

In the two sterlite drawers are hair things. The left side holds barrettes, fancy ponytail holders, and fancy clips. The right side holds headbands. The left basket holds brushes, combs, detangler spray, and ponytail holders. The right side holds deodorant, lotion, perfume, fingernail polish, and fingernail clippers. To the right of the drawers is a book with different hairstyles that the girls sometimes like to use. Oh, I forgot the baskets are from Home Depot from a year ago.


Dina said...

Oh wow!! I just found your blog trough organizing junkie. Looking at this bathroom (especially where the hair bands are) I need to be inspired!! I can't tell you how many times we spend looking for a rubber band in the last minute before leaving the house!! Well done, that looks so neat.

Courtney said...

wow the girls bathroom looks awesome. i like the target medicine cabinet very nice.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Good job. I like how you have all the hair stuff contained in one place.

Jolene said...

WOW! WHat an organized batheroom!

Organizing Mommy said...

very pretty bathroom! I like the drawers on the counter.

Marlene said...

Really nice, you have just inspired me to do something with my bathroom. Thanks for the great tips!

list mama said...

Great! I would have liked to have seen some Before pictures, though. I have my suspicions that it was pretty organized before as well :-)


Lindsay said...

Man I LOVE labels - way to go!! I bet the girls love it.

Cajunrose said...

Great job! I'm glad my daughter isn't the only one that has multiple tooth brushes. It drives me nuts!

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