Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mish Mash of Sorts

This post is going to be just a bunch of different somethings.

I finished sewing Brooke her skull apron. She was all for posing in her apron as long as she got to wear her winter skull hat. I really think she looks like a "skater girl" in this hat. Brooke also did this pose on her own. LOL

Here is a close up of the fabric. I purchased this at a local Joanns. I took the fabric up there and said give me all that you have. Luckily enough, there was enough for this apron and I might be able to do something little with the rest. I am thinking a bag or a headband for Brooke, maybe even both of them.

On Melodye's birthday (June 20), My sister-in-law, Jill came over with her kids Nonnie and Maddy. We went strawberry picking, which was my first time ever. We picked lots. I have made approximately (I am too lazy to go downstairs to count) 22 jars of Strawberry Freezer Jam and about 13 jars of Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana Freezer Jam. I didn't realize how fun, easy, quick, and tasty this was. Thanks Jill for hooking me up with the concept. Afterwards they cam over to play Wii Fit and just have fun. Melodye and Nonnie had read how to take funny pictures on the side of the Wendy's kids meal bags. So this photo is one that they begged to take. This is Nonnie with Melodye's dirty socks showing.

During the playtime with Nonnie and Maddy, Brooke couldn't hold in her excitement. The picture is very blurry, but I love it because it shows Brooke's personality and excitement to have her cousins over.

I forgot to post this picture in quite awhile. We had went to my brother, Noel, Jill, Nonnie, and Maddy's house about a month ago to help with some cleaning up in their yard. Now there are not that many times that Melodye does hard labor. (She's like her mom in that way.) So of course I had to take a picture.
Before I end I have to say Happy 9th Anniversary to my dear, adorable, cute, caring husband. These nine years have flown because you have made them so wonderful just by being you. I wouldn't trade a minute of these nine years for any kind of money.

Also, Happy 5th Birthday to my niece Makayla. We went to her birthday party, but I forgot my camera (Bad Aunt).

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