Monday, March 10, 2008


I "sort of" have been tagged by Nichol, if you click on her name you will see why it is "sort of".

The object or point of this tag is to tell 7 things that are not commonly known about me. So here goes nothing.

1. I do not like to try new foods. When I do try something new, my husband orders something I like so that we can trade if I am not happy with the new item.

2. I do not like large crowds. Along those lines, it takes me awhile to warm up to people, which causes some people to call me snobby. But once I know you, I talk a person's ear off.

3. I have RLS. Big scary letters for Restless Leg Syndrome, which means that I am constantly needing to move my feet, even in my sleep. It is better with medication, but not 100% cured.

4. I have had two miscarriages. They both emotionally hurt me more than people realize, but at the same time I am glad that they occurred. If I had not had those miscarriages, I would not have Melodye and Brooklyn. The miscarriages happened before each of their births.

5. I have this need to have everything even. If I chew one cheek, I must chew the other cheek. If I tap one hand on the table, I must tap the other hand on the table. I feel this need to be even, or I feel as if I am unbalanced and I will feel that way until I even things out.

6. I do not usually wear red because of a dream I had when I was five. I went to bed wearing red pajamas. I dreamt that I was surrounded by people all laughing, yelling, and pointing at me. They were yelling "You're of the devil because you are wearing red." That dream really frightened me and I still have a hard time purchasing and wearing red for myself. I know it's crazy.

7. I must say " I love you" to my family whenever I am leaving or they are leaving. I worry that if I do not, then something will happen to one of us. I know this is probably connected to my mom dying when I was so young and my not being able to remember her. But I feel that if we say "I love you" and something does happen that will be the last thing we remember about that person.

That probably was a lot more than you ever wanted to know about me. In fact your probably thinking "Wow! She has a lot more baggage than I thought." But isn't that life. There is always more going on below the surface than people realize.

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Nichol said...

Hi Jennifer!
Thanks so much for playing along on the "tag".
I really enjoyed reading about you.
Have a wonderful evening!

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