Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update for March

I have been on Spring Break the last week and it has felt wonderful. I really did need it. Melodye still had school and Brooke still went to daycare. I spent the time reorganizing my scrapbook room. I even made two quick layouts. No pictures. I sewed the pants for Brooke and Melodye that I had been meaning to do since fall, but they are now finished. I actually did enjoy making Melodye's pants because I knew what I was doing after trying with Brooke's pants. I will have to get a picture of them wearing the pants and post it here. I also kept up with laundry, which never happens when I am working. It felt good to be caught up with laundry each day.

Today we went to Walmart. Tommy had to return a spreader, so the girls and I went to the book department. I look up from a magazine and this is what I saw.

Aren't they just the cutest? I love seeing them read. I am glad that this is one habit that they have taken after me. No offense Tommy, but this is a good thing, even when Melodye stays up to late reading at night.

I went to get close up pictures. I was able to for Melodye, but Brooke got up before I could take her picture. She was laying down on the floor with books spread around.

I found out tonight that my uncle is in the hospital. He had a pretty bad stroke. It can go either way for him. Please send some prayers his way. He can take any that come his way.

Denise is supposed to be induced tomorrow. So good thoughts and prayers are being sent that way also. Hopefully whatever medication (epidural, hopefully) is given will work wonderfully and the labor will be super fast so that gorgeous baby boy can be in Denise and Jason's arms early and definitely healthy.

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