Sunday, March 16, 2008

Upcoming Birthday

My husband, Tommy, has been asking what I want for my birthday (April 27). So thought I would put a list here with the links to make it easier for him.

1. A purse from ElisaLou Designs. Design-wise I would like a Bailey Bag, a Small Bucket Bag, or a Large Bucket Bag. Fabric-wise I like Bead Around, Clementine Far Out Floral, Kashmir Olive, Pink Bangle Dot, and Spin Floral.

2. I would like a few books: Bend the Rules Sewing, In Stitches, Amigurumi, Photo Freedom,
Knitted Babes

3. A gift certificate or yarn from Stitch By Stitch in Highland.

4. I still would like my hair done. (Boy does it need it!)

5. Trash Ties.

6. Jewelry from LuckyClover. The jewelry is a bit pricey, but just so beautiful.

7. I have the right to post gift ideas at a later date.

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Colleen said...

those bags are cute!!! now i want one

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