Monday, August 18, 2008

The Beginning

Today was the beginning. The beginning of back to work for me and the beginning of back to daycare for Brooke. Brooke was not ready to go back today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I had meetings all day today. Tomorrow I will be working on my classroom and getting ready for the kids. I hope I can get everything done tomorrow that I need, but I don't know. At least I hope I get all of the kids things finished and make it look like everything else is finished, which is more probable. The kids start Wednesday. I really hope . . . no I know I will have a really good class this year.

I am still taking Cake Decorating classes. I am in the middle of Course 2. I haven't much of a chance to practice, but I will be making Brooke's birthday cake for her party on Sunday. Which reminds me, I need to make the cake and figure out how I am decorating it.

Soccer has started for Melodye. Three days of practice this week and the first game is Sunday right after Brooke's party. Soccer doesn't start for Brooke for a few weeks. We still need to find time to sell the raffle tickets. I keep forgetting about them.

Melodye goes back to school for third grade on Monday. Brooke goes back to preschool on Tuesday. At least then we can come up with a routine and stick with it.

Last night we took Mel to the store to get gym shoes for school. The girl is wearing a size 5. She just turned 8, how can she be wearing a 5. When we found that out, she was excited but I apologized in advance to her that she got her big feet from me ( size 12).

***I tried to add a picture to this post but I kept getting an internal error message. Oh well, some other day.

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