Monday, August 11, 2008

Closet organization Pictures . . . . . Finally

The coloring may be off in these. I used overhead lighting and the flash.

Here is the view of Melodye's bedroom as you walk in there. The picture above her bed was bought at Shipshewana on the Road. The Picture to the left of that Mel drew in Kindergarten. The bedding is from Bed Bath and Beyond two years ago. The curtains are from Ikea last year.

This is the view from the corner where the bed is. The bedroom furniture is from Harlem Furniture: The Room Place. The laundry hamper is about five years old. The clock is a "my Melody" clock. Mel has plenty of drawer space left to grow.
This is a view of the bookcase. The top three shelves are webkinz that have been put into categories. The next shelf has books and I Dogs, ICats, and Icy the Penguin. The bottom two shelvers has books.
Here is her desk with Webkinz on top. The shelf has things sorted according to what Melodye decided. The hutch has a bulletin board built in. On top of the desk are two bulletin board waiting to be hung up.The desk chair is from Ikea. Here is her newly installed closet organizer. On the left he have dresses and skirts with a shelf of stuffed animals. On the floor on the left is her American Girl Doll and bed. Up at the top of the organizer is a shelf with things that will not be accessed regularly like her keepsake box. In the middles we have the first shelf with extra blankets. The next shelf has pillows. Then a shelf of Webkinz. Then a shelf of craft kits. The bottom shelf has American Girl Doll clothes and other craft items. On the right of the top are extra hangers, and out of season clothes. The bottom pole has her current clothes with a shelf of stuffed animals above.

Enough of Melodye's room. Here is the Master Bedroom Closet. On the left I had Tommy hang the rod a little lower because I do not have full length dresses. The height is measured to fit my dresses. Although skirts and his dress clothes are there. The shelf above has some purses and out of season clothes waiting to be put under the bed when we get bed risers. The high shelf above everything else is a good place to put birthday presents. On the right my clothes are on on top sorted by color while his clothes on the bottom are sorted by the type of shirt. We each decided our own system.In the middle we have a few sweatshirts, extra hangers, duvet covers, and sheets. I have to give a shout out to a lady that had posted on Organizing Junkie on how she folds sheet sets. I tried it and it is amazing. I will try to add a link later. I am falling asleep while posting this.
This is the bottom view of our linen closet. Self explanatory I think, but feel free to ask questions.
The top view of the linen closet.
I sorted the kids toys in the garage. I pulled things out of the wagon since we used to store things in it. It is to the left of this area and easy to pull out as needed. The top shelf has a watering can and life jackets. The next shelf has Frisbees, bubbles, inline skates and baseball gloves. The last shelf has chalk, a basket with small balls, and a basket with soccerballs for practices. On the ground is a rubbermaid container filled with balls. To the left is a mini garbage container holding wiffle bats and rackets.

I apologize for any ramblings or misspellings. I have been actually falling alseep completing this post.

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