Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flooding Update

We were lucky and did not get water in our house. The girls did not have school for two days. Melodye will be going back tomorrow. Brooke will be going back when she is done with her fever. She has strep fever.

This first picture is of a bridge that we normally take to go just about everywhere including work. This bridge was redone when I was a kid to make it higher and not flood like it did before.

Here is the same bridge but up closer.

This is the left side of the same shot. The building in the back rents boats and paddleboats. This is the second story that you can see. To the right of the house is a dark rectangular object. That object is a military jeep that got stuck.
This is the road that leads to the Scout cabin that leads along the lake.
Standing on the road leading to the scout table this is looking at the bridge from before.

This is a sink hole on the bridge to downtown which is another way out of town. Here is a gazebo in the downtown by the library.
This is the bridge over the dam in the downtown.
This a view of the bank that had the windows blown out by the force of the water. I loved this picture since the flag is still standing proud.
Here we have the community center.
I don't think this "Hall Entrance" will be used any time soon.

This is a house across from the community center. The poor man is stranded because his house is surrounded by the water.
The girls have gotten many drinks from this water fountain, but they will not be for quite awhile.
This is not the announcement for the Lakefront Festical that they wanted to use.
This is the other bridge out of the downtown that is below the dam.

It is amazing how lucky the residents of our town have been. The flooding was mainly just in the streets, but not that many houses were deeply affected. It was amazing going downtown and seeing that many people there at a time.

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