Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Wows

This weekend Melodye had a soccer game. This was her first game playing with her brace for her sprained ankle. You definitely could tell that she was not able to play like usual, but she gave it her all. I am so proud that she kept going. The girls never gave up even when they were down by 5 in the first half. They ended losing 5 -2, but they tried their hardest and that is what matters.

After the game we dropped the girls off at my parents and went to Schaumburg with Jeff and Kelly. We went to Weber Grill for dinner. It was delightful and the garlic mashed potatoes were heavenly. I ordered my own side and they came in a freaking cauldron. We could not finish them at all. Tommy and Jeff kept saying they have never been that full from Prime Rib before. So it must have been the potatoes filling them up.

After leaving Weber Grill, we went to the Improv to see Lynne Koplitz. We were quite surprised at how much of an intimate setting it was. We were close. There ended up being three comics for our $17 a person. Well worth the money. Lynne was hilarious. We would definitely go see her again.

I was so tired afterwards, I went to sleep about 9:15. So much for a late night without the kids. I think it was my thyroid still causing problems.

The next morning I was up at 6:30. So I read the paper and knitted on the Moderne Baby Blanket for my brother. I really need to put some more time in on it. Then we went to breakfast at The Corner Bakery. I had the Cinnamon Raison French Toast. This was awesome. It wasn't toast; it was a mini loaf. Moist and yummy. I would definitely go there again.

After The Corner Bakery we went to Ikea. I cannot go to Schaumburg without going to Ikea. We ended up buying something to use for storing the winter hats, gloves, scarves, mittens, and soccer shinguards.

After Ikea, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. I never get tired of that place. Of course I had my usual a Tostada Pizza without the dressing and with Chicken. Delicious as always. I am eating the leftovers for lunch this week.

It really was nice to take time for the two of us and do somehting as a couple. We definitely will need to do this again.

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