Thursday, September 25, 2008

What is With My Girls?

For some reason both girls have decided that they want to be goalie this season. I about fell over when Melodye said this considering she is afraid of the ball and that it might give her a bloody nose. Brooke says that she wants to be goalie so that she doesn't have to run.

Brooke is really enjoying her new coach this season. She has really taken to him as evidenced in this picture. I have a much better picture of the two of them, but I do not know if he wants his face broadcast all over the internet.

Brooke did pretty good as goalie. She was not afraid of the ball, but she did make me stand near her the whole time she was goalie.
The only problem we had was when a goal did get in she became quite angry. To quote her "The next time they git a ball in I am going to hit them." When I let her know that was not going to happen, this was the look I received.
Melodye did quite well for her first time as goalie. She wasn't as afraid as I thought she would be. But I do have to say that it is more stressful as a parent having your child be goalie than any other position.
Mel took this position quite seriously, blocked some shots, and missed some. At one point one of her teammates yelled that she needs to start blocking the ball. Melodye yelled back that she's doing the best that she can. I was proud that she stood up for herself, but did not go overboard with it. She was angry about it afterwards. Melodye said " Your teammates are supposed to help you and support you, not be mean to you." And I completely agree with her.
At practice tonight, her coach had her and two other girls practice as goalie. This was needed since none of the girls have had experience as goalie. We will see what will happen this weekend. Tomorrow Melodye goes to the doctor to find out about her sprained ankle and whether the brace can come off or not.

Sidenot: Please if you are the praying type, send my dad some prayers. Five months ago my dad had angioplasty and 3 stents put in his heart. He has been having pains so the doctor completed an angiogram today. The three stents had a 50% blockage and just below those there was a blockage of 99%. So they were cleaned out and a new stent put in besides the three already there. He is recovering now, but this was a scary moment to find the blockages like that. Thank you for your prayers.

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