Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Highlights

This was another busy weekend, aren't they all. LOL Brooke had a soccer game Saturday at 9:00. Then we went home for her to change. The girls and I went to the Fun Fair at Karlee's school. Brooke has been dying to go because her buddies Sponge Bob and Patrick were going to be there.

For two week Brooke had been begging to go, but we had to remind her that Sponge Bob and Patrick had to come from Bikini Bottom which takes awhile.
Then Tommy met us at the FunFair because his class got out early. Then Tommy and I took Melodye to a Pet Party for Girl Scouts. An older girl held this Pet Party as part of her requirements for her Gold Award. The Pet Party was held to collect donations for the local Humane Society. Then Tommy and I went back to the Fun Fair and hung out there a bit. I ended up seeing a little girl from my class last year there. She was visiting with her cousin. Then found out our neighbor was now working at Karlee's school. Such a small world.
Tommy took Brooke home after the Fun Fair to clean house. I went to pick Melodye up from the Fun Fair and ended up bringing one of her friends, Tabby home. That girl can visit anytime she wants. Tabby wanted to play with Brooke and Melodye instead of trying to exclude Brooke. Melodye even said that her and Brooke played better together with Tabby around. Then we took Tabby home and ran errands until 8:30.
Sunday we thought Melodye's game was at 2:30. Ends up we were wrong. It was at 12:00. She was very upset about missing her game. We made it up to her by paying the $3 difference plus tax that she needed for a Build A Bear. Now she got the Hannah Montana one, but doesn't like Hannah Montana. Explain that one to me. Then we ran more errands. After that I spent the rest of the night doing bills and report cards. Good new is that I only have to put the attendance and comments on the report cards. What a relief to have those done.

Thursday and Friday I am going to be working in my classroom. I am going to try to remember to take some pictures of my room. I just relaized that I have never shown what it looks like. And since the kids won't be there Thursday and Friday that is the perfect time to do it.

Oh, I also got a great deal at Walgreens on Pert Plus. I bought two bottles, used the Walgreens Easy Saver coupon of $2.50 off of each. and then used the $1.oo coupons from the internet. They cam out to being free plus 2 cents off of my fillers. I used Blow Pops as my fillers. They are supposed to ring up as $1.49 but they are ringing up as 79 cents.

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