Monday, January 12, 2009

Update on Pictures

Now as I have said before, I am going to do A Picture a Day for 2009. But I did not start until January 2.

So here are my pictures.

.Day 1: Coupon BinderTrying to get all of the expired coupons out and cutting/filing the new ones. It is a never-ending job, but worth it.

Day 2: Melodye playing drums on Guitar Hero.

When we bought Guitar Here World Tour the Complete Band Set, we thought Brooke would be the one playing the drums. But instead Melodye is the one that seems to be obsessed with the drums and doing quite well with it too.

Day 3: Messy Scrapbook Desk

This is a mess that I still need to deal with. This is a mess that is constantly building up and not because I am working on projects. What happens is that I clean elsewhere in the house and pile things here to deal with later. I really have to stop doing that and start dealing with the mess.

Day 4: Knitted Washcloth
I am so glad that I knit the washclothes from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I get a rush of pleasure each time I pull out a new one to use.

Day 5: Watching Harry Potter

This was the girls first time watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Melodye never thought she was ready to watch it until now. They watched part of it now and finished it and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets over the weekend. It was funny how much they really did enjoy the movies.

Day 6: Walgreens' Haul

I was able to buy all of this with coupons and gift cards and paid nothing out of pocket. If I didn't have a gift card I would have paid about $20 which is still a wonderful deal.

Day 7: No Picture
- I don't know what happened.

Day 8: New Dirt Devil

Tommy is so excited about this Dirt Devil Vacuum. He has been wanting one with this particular design and color. He was able to find it for 50% off at Target. He is hoping that this will help the girls with cleaning up their messes. We will see about that.

Day 9: Jalen's Birthday

We went to my parent's house for cousin, Jalen's birthday. Brooke was so excited to give Jalen Caribou (The price in this link is outrageous. It does not sell at stores for anywhere near that price. So do shop around.) for a present. Jalen is helping my dad plow the driveway in this picture.

Day 10: Brooke Sledding
We took the girls sledding. We realized that this was the first time that Brooke had ever been sledding and only the second for Melodye. What bad parents we are !! The girls had a blast. Brooke kept yelling "WooHoo" after each ride down this hill. We definitely will have to take them again.

Day 11: Bibs From Mason-Dixon Knitting

These bibs are for our neighbor's that have a new baby boy. The color is off, but they are green and blue. They are a quick and easy knit. I will definitely make more of these as gifts. Brooke also likes to try these on. LOL

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Denise said...

Great blog! thanks for sharing. I love your scrapbook desk. I would love to have a place like that to do mine.

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