Saturday, December 19, 2009

Strange and Curious

Obviously I have taken a blogging break. I wasn't feeling the blogging spirit for awhile, hence the lack of posts and the type of posts that the last ones were. I think about blogging, but I haven't. The curious part is that my visit stats have skyrocketed. I really don't know why they would. I know I wouldn't want to come visit my blog with the way it has been lately. The searches haven't shown anything unusual. In fact it shows that most people are coming from the "next blog button on blogger." Strange and curious that this has just started happening.

Now that I am on Christmas Break, I am thinking of blogging again. What do you think I should go back to blogging about? Off to Melodye's basketball game now. We have to leave early due to the snow that is still falling, but looks beautiful.

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