Friday, December 28, 2007

Update on Computer

I finally got Network Magic working, which I absolutely love. It makes networking so easy. Ends up that I just needed to go to the website to download the newest version of the software. See simple.

Then I tried to get MSN working. No such luck. I keep getting an error message, but I am told there is a fix for it. I download the fix and it tells me that I am raring to go. But no such luck, I get a different error message telling me that a part of the library did not download. I finally called Verizon today (we get our MSN through Verizon). The girl at Verizon told me I am out of luck. I can access MSN through Internet Explorer, but not through the butterfly because they do not have the link. I ask for MSN's number and call them. The automated voice tells me that since I am a Verizon Broadband customer I will be forwarded to Verizon. So at this moment my laptop sits wanting to be used for my internet perusing, but cannot because I am not able to locate my favorites on Internet Explorer.

Christmas was wonderful. I would love to add a picture, but the pictures are on the laptop. I will try anyway, but not promising anything. The family got a Wii. Tommy got Guitar Hero III. We are all loving both. I never thought I would be able to play GH3, but I am loving it just as much as Tommy. Melodye got a Webkinz Pegasus. Brooke got a Train Table. I got a computer desk and a portable photo printer. THose are our favorites. I am trying to include a photo of Melodye as she opened the Wii.

Now to just get all the organizing I want to finish and school stuff I would like to finish before Thursday when I go back to work.

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