Saturday, December 22, 2007


Computers do make your life easier, but then they go and drive you crazy. I discovered Thursday that the DVD-Rom drive on my laptop was not recognizing that anything was in there.

I tried a restore point. Nope didn't fix it.

Tried another restore point. Nope didn't fix it.

Went to try another restore point, but nothing would move at this point. Started computer over. Nope didn't fix it.

Finally decided to take it into Best Buy. They said it would be $100 just to look at it. Nope didn't fix it.

Found a way to start the computer back to factory settings. Nope didn't fix it.

Called HP, luckily it was still under warranty for 13 more days. Stayed on the phone for 1 1.2 hours with Dave at HP. He helped me with getting the DVD-ROM working which involved taking the drive out and putting it back in.

Figured since I was irritated enough, I would switch over to Vista. No problems doing that. But for some reason I cannot get our Network Magic for our Network working. It wants me to connect to the network in order to install. Now that just does not make sense to me. How do you connect to something before it is installed and you are trying to connect wirelessly?

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