Monday, January 14, 2008

Catch Up

I haven't been near the computer for days. Tommy has used it for homework or Melodye has been on Webkinz. We really, really need to get the laptop up and running again. Figured I would do a quick catch up post.

  • I cannot find my little camera. I keep it in my purse. It was not there when I went to use it this weekend. I know I had it after Christmas, but I don't remember when I saw it last. I am still holding out hope of finding it. Although the little gnome or elf that has Melodye's DS probably has my camera.

  • Brooke still does not want to sleep. . . . ever!!!!!

  • Had a meeting after school today for THREE hours. It actually was a good meeting, just a really long time after working a whole day and on a Monday.

  • I now have 7 dishcloths knitted. I am loving knitting the ballband dishcloth pattern. It is super easy.

  • I scrapbooked a new layout and used my new portable printer (HPA626) to print out the picture. I know, I know I have plenty of pictures that still need scrapbooked. I just really wanted to get this story down.

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