Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I looked in my purse four different times for my camera. Could not find it, but this morning when I got to work I went in purse to get something out and lo and behold there is the camera. I do not know how I missed four other times. Maybe the elves were finished with it and returned it.

Melodye brought a paper home about sign ups for soccer. While we were talking about it Brooke ran to her room. She came out wearing her soccer shirt, shorts, and socks ready to go to soccer. She was quite disappointed when I explained to her that she souldn't be playing for a few months still.

My class is driving me crazy with their talking. It seems to be nonstop lately. I am tired of repeating myself. I am tired of writing notes home and nothing happens. I am just tired of the talking. So I changed their desks. They are in three groups. I am giving out group points. The group with the highest points will get play-doh on Friday. Hopefully this will motivate some to be quiet and the peer pressure will help with the others.

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