Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Did It!!

2008-01-13 Toni's Blanket
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Here is a photo of Toni's completed blanket with her name added. The photos not that great. I went outside to take the photo but even then it wasn't great because it was an over cast day.

I have met some goals for this month.
* I have completed 10 dishcloths.
* I reset the laptop back to factory settings and it is working wonderfully now!!! I am just exstatic about that.
* I have labeled all of my pictures from October through now.
* I have printed out the photos that I like.
* At school I did about 80% of my filing.
* At school, I consolidated and unpacked two boxes.

It sure does feel goood to have met so many of my goals for the month.

This weekend was a busy one. Mick, Darla, and Sami came into town on Saturday. So we went there to visit. The girls had a blast. Sami ended up staying the night with us. We let the girls stay up late since they don't usually get to spend time with Sami. Then Sunday morning we took Sami back and stayed to visit because Erika, Sean, Logan, Katie, and Tucker also came to visit from Iowa. It was amazing how well the kids played together even though they either don't see each other that often or that had never met before. Then of course we ran errands and went to one of our favorite places Costco. While there we picked up the girls' Easter dresses. Had to get them now before they sell out of the sizes we need.

Tomorrow I do not have work for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. After dropping off the girls I am hopin to get some things done around here. I would like to watch some episodes of Gilmore Girls (just started watching season 1 from the library), knitting, scrapbooking, and organizing the scrapbook room. As you can tell I really want to spend some quality me time. At the same time Tommy doesn't have school so we are going to spend some time together. I think that maybe we should go to Chipotle to eat. That just sounds so yummy right now.

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