Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

Today was a productive day. I got up, got ready, and took the girls to daycare. Then I finished my reportcards and miscellaneous work for school that I put off all weekend, but wasn't too bad to finish. Then I started knitting on Juliet which does not seem like it will be that hard or take that long to complete. Which also means I met another goal for the month. Woohoo! Then I went to work in my scrapbook room. I did not do any cleaning or organizing like I wanted. But I did watch 7 episodes of Gilmore Girls and I put all of our photos into photo albums. They are preliminarily labeled just by month. Later I will go back and label people and such. But I am just excited that they are in albums, which is one more goal met for the month of January. This is just 4X6 size not the portraits. I still need to go through and sort those. One task at a time.

I included pictures of the first five dishcloths I knitted. I need to take a picture of the last five.

This is the picture I took of Brooke's shoes that I love. I really do need to start taking more pictures again. I started slacking when I ran out of time to label the pictures and then the laptop started acting up and it just wasn't worth the headache to deal with it. Now that I have the laptop working and I have all my pictures labeled and sent to Costco to print (which I forgot to pick up today) I am guilt-free and able to take more photos. Once the pictures are picked up from Costco I will put them in the photo albums and will be completely up to date with that.

I might have already posted that photo of Brooke's shoes. I just wanted to figure out how to put more than one picture in a post. And I have done that. This learning curve is not turning out so bad. Back to work tomorrow. I hope I am feeling better. I have the whole sinus, sore throat, and voice threatening to go out thing going on. Hopefully the voice holds on. One of the other kindergarten teachers had to take two days off because her voice went out. So I hope I don't have waht she had or has. I also hope I don't have strep throat like one of my students(the downside of teaching).

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