Monday, January 28, 2008

Melt My Heart

My girls are able to just make my heart melt without even trying. Last night Melodye was downstairs playing Guitar Hero. Brooke decides to go downstairs. Brooke tells me "I go downstairs, you be good." You think she's heard that before. Then I went downstairs. Melodye tells me that she is putting her name in as "Mel2". I, of course, ask her why. And she responds with "I am Mel, but your mom that died was the first Mel so I am Mel2." All I could do at that point was kiss and hug her.

We visited Toni this weekend for her birthday and gave her the afghan/throw I made her. But of course she couldn't use it because it was 82 degrees in the nursing home. We thought we were dying. All weekend Mel played Guitar Hero and Brooke played with her Fisher Price Pirate Ship
Tommy vegged after having homework overload on Friday. I knit on Juliet. I got far enough that I could try it on and it was TOO BIG. So I frogged the whole project. I have not restarted. I think I might cast on for Jason and Denise's baby blanket instead. April is coming up fast in order for me to finish it.

I bought a new Firm workout video that comes with a resistance ball. It's a 30 minute workout, but it kicked my but tonight.

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