Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Update

New Years has come and gone. I seriously meant to get more things done, but there is not enough time in my day. Don't get me wrong . . . I did get a lot done. I just plan to get more done than is humanly possible.

Over Christmas Break I:

  • built a computer desk and filing cabinet
  • moved said desk and filing cabinet and set them up
  • cleaned out filing cabinet, shredding, updating file folders with all new labels (I should take a picture because it just looks beautiful to me)
  • took down Christmas decorations
  • organized scrapbooking embellishments that my dear husband was quick to point out were already organized and that I probably will go back to that particular organization
  • enjoyed time with my family
  • played a lot of Guitar Hero 3 and Wii
  • typed up a list of everything each individual student in my class needs to work on and then took that list and retyped it by skill and listed each student under it. This took a lot longer than I thought it would. Isn't that how it always goes.
  • Knitted two dishcloths
  • almost finished Toni's knitted blanket. I just need to add her name on it and weave in a few ends.
  • started getting papers together for taxes
  • worked on the computer - still working on it - it's slower than molasses now and I cannot get my favorites, but maybe that will change when the MSN cd comes in the mail
  • decided last minute to host New Years Eve (decided night before). My parents, Tommy's parents, Noel, Jill, Maddie, Nonnie, Karlee, Nick, and my kids were there. We had Italian Beefs and spent the night playing Guitar Hero, Wii, and pool. I think we all enjoyed ourselves. And of course having people over motivated us to get more cleaning done that we had planned. : )

New Years Resolutions - I am going to make general resolutions. I think I am going to try instead to make goals for myself for each month.

Resolution 1: Organize scrapbook room - okay reorganize.

Resolution 2: Exercise

Resolution 3: Lose the stress

Now for the goals for January:

Work Related : downsize two boxes, file, clean off back shelf

Knitting related: finish Toni's blanket, finish 10 dishcloths, start Juliet

Scrapbook related: Put pictures in albums, name pictures, save pictures on external hard drive, print out pictures, make something

Reading : Read at least two books

Exercise: At least 12 times (already completed one on 1-1-08)

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