Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day

The girls had today off from school. They stayed the night at Nanny and Papaw's house and of course had a blast. Since we didn't have the girls, Tommy and I went to Don Pablo's for dinner and saw Definitely, Maybe. The movie was wonderful. Definitely a Must See. It's amazing how we went to the movies every weekend when we were dating and now we are lucky if we even know what is currently playing. Strange.

I got my book on learning to knit two sock at once using the Magic Loop method. I can't wait to try, but I promised myself that I will finish the baby blanket first. So the socks are just waiting to be discovered.

At work I feel like I am on the hamster wheel just running and not getting anywhere. This week I am in the classroom all week, but I am having to work ahead on things because I have a few days coming up where I will not be in the classroom. Next week we have an assembly on Monday and Friday, Thursday I will be at the district office for a training all day, The following Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I will be in Indianapolis for a Reading Conference. Then I will have two weeks and it is Spring Break. The grade level summatives (huge plan for the grade level of what we are doing to bring achievement up) that I am in charge of is due the week after spring break and I am not anywhere near finished (although neither is any other grade level.). And then it is April, May, and June which will fly by and I can't help, but worry/stress that I don't have enough time to get everything taught that needs to be taught. I also am working on getting progress reports out this Friday because Report Cards will have to be done before the end of March. I just seem to be running out of time. But I know it will all work out because it has to, there's not a choice. I do feel better after ranting and raving just a little here.

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