Friday, February 29, 2008

I Have A Real Problem

I have a real problem when people try to tell me that I am wrong when I know 100% that I am correct. Today I had a meeting for Kindergarten teachers. We had to take a pretest as a table about Guided Reading. I started to tell what I knew, when another teacher told me that I was completely wrong that she knew what Guided Reading was because she is in a Masters Program. At this point, I just let her go on about what she knew. I figured that it would be known that she was wrong when the meeting started. And of course she was proven wrong. I did make a couple of side remarks about "how that is what I said all along." If I am wrong, then yes I want to know that, but do not tell me something when you are talking out of your butt. I really can't stand that.

This weekend I am going to the Indiana State Reading Conference. I am excited to go. I have the sessions highlighted that I want to attend. I can't wait to see Gay Su Pinnell present. She really knows waht she talks about. In fact I did get her one of her newest books, Making Words Kindergarten, and it is amazing. I can't wait to get things ready so I can implement it. I really do think that it will help my students with the problems that they are having with blending. While in Indianapolis, I am hoping that the weather will cooperate so I can take some pictures downtown outside. I also can't wait to eat at Einsten Bros. I haven't eaten there since we lived in California.

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