Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sicky, McSick, Sick

No update lately. This weekend has been a sick weekend. Melodye came down with a fever that has ranged from 100.0 to 101.6 all weekend with a sore throat and cough. Of course this all started while we were visiting Noel and Jill. So now Maddie and Nonnie have been exposed. Sorry guys. Brooke seems okay. But I also seem to have the flu. Coughing, achy, and such, but no fever. Hopefully these sicknesses are about through with us and no one else will get them.

Saturday Jill and I went to a lys called Sheep's Clothing in Valparaiso. They had mover their location. We went to the new location and it was hopping with people in there. Not one person said hello or can we help you. We wandered around looking and of course feeling the yarn, but not one person acknowledged us. As we were leaving another customer came in and was acknowledged. I guess that customer was someone special in comparison to us. I don't think so. So they lost our business. I instead went to and placed an order. It came out cheaper anyway for me. I go a book on knitting socks with the Magic Loop method, some needles for the magic loop, and some sock yarn. I did tell Jill that I would have to take her to the lys in Highland called Stitch By Stitch. There you are acknowledged and helped. I have even had other customers say hello. THis is a much more inviting store and will definitely get return visits from me.

I have started round four and Jason and Denise's baby blanket, but I still forgot to take a picture.

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