Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Poor, Poor Lens

Sunday, Melodye had a soccer game. So of course I pulled out the trusty old Tamrom 75-300mm lens. But it would not work. You could hear it trying to focus, but it would not move at all. So no pictures of her game.

I took the lens in today. $25 just to get it examined. It will probably take two weeks to even hear what is wrong with the lens because there are 40 items ahead of mine. At that time, the technician will call and tell us what is wrong and the cost. I am hoping it is cheaper than a new lens, but I am not sure since it is six years old.

I don't think I will be getting many close up soccer pictures this year, since we are waiting on the lens. I am kicking myself for not taking it in earlier. It has been temperamental for the last year, but I found a way to get it to work and I have used it.

I really miss having the option to use my lens.

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