Friday, June 20, 2008

Eight Already!!!!

My oldest baby girl, Melodye has turned 8 as of 3:17pm today. It is hard to believe that she is eight and going into third grade. For some reason third graders always seem so old to me. Well you know they are not in the primary grades anymore, which means they are old to a kindergarten teacher. :)

For some reason this school year, Melodye has started with this disgusting habit of licking her hands. If she is not licking her hands then she is chewing on her hair or clothes. I do not know why this habit started or even when it started exactly. All I know is that it is disgusting and I hope she stops soon. I keep mentioning it to her and nothing. A friend from soccer, Kayla, said something joking and still nothing. I don't know what we are going to do, but I really do not want to have to nag constantly about this habit.

Melodye really does love he sister and other young children. When Melodye is talking to kids younger than her, she completely uses what I think of as her teacher voice. She is calm, speaks slowly, and explains things at their level. I never have to worry about her with younger children, I know that she will take care of them as if they were her own. Don't get me wrong. Melodye fights with her sister and it is happening more and more as she gets older and "annoyed with Brooke" as she calls it. For example, Mel does not want Brooke in her room for any reason, so she has been locking the door when she is reading. Which means that I unlock the door when I have not heard from her in awhile and she is usually sound asleep.

Some facts about my dear Melodye. She loves to draw. She loves soccer and swimming. She loves to read about animals. Pink is her favorite color. Melodye likes to wear her hair down. She loves to listen to Guitar Hero music on her Ipod as she falls asleep. Webkinz are her favorite game online and collection. The Webkinz are also her favorite thing to play with. Melodye takes after me with her oganization and labels. She has her Webkinz organized into groups. Books are labeled be shelves as eary or medium readers. Melodye gets her dark, thick eyelashes from Daddy, along with her beautiful coloring and ultra thick hair. From me she gets her eye shape, looks, personality, love of reading, love of crafts, hairiness, and big feet (sorry honey).

I love this girl more than anything and I would not trade her for anything. I can live without the moodiness ("this is the worst day of my life") that is already starting, but I can deal with it because she is my baby girl.

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