Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Week

I may not be working, but I used more gas this week than usual. : (
Here is why:

  • Melodye's swim lessons every morning Monday through Friday.
  • Art Lessons 30 minutes away on Thursday
  • Thyroid Uptake and Scan for me which means three visits to the hospital 30 minutes away.
  • Melodye's follow-up doctor's appointment for her bloody noses
  • My doctor's appointment to find out the results for my Thyroid Uptake and Scan. (The results better be ready. I would hate to drive 30 minutes and then find out that a different appointment needs to be scheduled due to the results not being available.)

Tonight I had to order a new power cord for the laptop. There goes $100. The AC power cord is not always registering that it is plugged into the computer so the battery dies on us and the computer is forced into hibernation while we are using it. Highly annoying!!! I think it is the cord. Tommy thinks it is something internally wrong with where the cord plugs into. Let's hope I am right, since it is the cheaper of the two.

I am honestly going to try to post more often since I am on summer break, but as you can see from my list above here, I am still just as busy just without work. Next week I will be going for training on School Plans Tuesday through Friday half days. I am able to go because Tommy is on vacation from school, but not work.

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