Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brooke's Closet and Bedroom Organized

Now I did forget to take a before picture of the closet, but this is everything that was in the closet. The closet was exactly what we had when we moved in the house: a pole and a shelf.

A picture of the mess from the closet.

Another view of the room with the mess from the closet.

These pictures are out of order. But this is a view of her room after the closet was finished. Laundry hamper is from Bed Bath and Beyond about 3 years ago. The lid doesn't work too well because the girls like to get in the hamper and hide. (They're crazy). The inside of the dresser has been reorganized to help Brooke now that she wants to get her clothes. The bottom drawer has pants, skirts, capris, and shorts. The third drawer has pajamas and underwear. The second drawer has tights, socks, and soccer socks in bins. The top drawer has blankets and pillows for daycare.

Here is a view of the corner of Brooke's room with a partial view of her closet.

Another corner of her room.

Here is Brooke showing off her closet. The shelf holds things that are not used that often like her keepsake box and 3 pairs of pants that are way too big. There's room to grow on that shelf. The top rod has out of season clothes. The bottom rod on the left has dresses. The bottom rod on the right has the rest of Brooke's clothes. The main point of this reorganization was to make clothes where Brooke can reach without a stool and without breaking hangers. She has broken quite a few hangers pulling out the clothes she wants in the last year. The middle section has 6 areas. The top one has her breathing machine and accessories. The second shelf has her extra sheets. We keep the extra sheets in the room they will be used because out linen closet isn't that big. (Note to self: take picture of reorganized linen closet.) The third shelf has Webkinz. The fourth shelf also has Webkinz. The fifth shelf has an extra comforter. I love having that just in case Brooke has an accident or if someone stays the night. The bottom shelf has two sleeping bags just in case someone stays the night again. There was a change after this picture was talking. I had Tommy put 2 more shelves (evenly spaced) between the pole on the left side and the top shelf. He did a great job with this closet organizer.

This is Brooke's bookshelf that actually holds books. Brooke was having a hard time putting books away. So I went through and sorted them by size. I then took these containers and put the books inside of them. Now Brooke is able to find books easily and put them away just as easily. With this system Brooke is starting to read or look at books that she never knew that she had since she couldn't see them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Brooke's room.

Upcoming pictures of organization projects are the master bedroom closet, Melodye's room and closet, the linen closet, and my scrapbook room

Just FYI I am a teacher and have the summers off. The summer is my time for going through the house and reorganizing things and decluttering. We started off the summer decluttering. I am now focusing in on the reorganizing, but I am running out of time. I go back to work officially a week from Monday. I usually go back before that. I wanted to explain this so that people aren't thinking that I do projects like this all year round. I am going to have to post my list of what I wanted to get done this summer and what I actually accomplished. Then it will be obvious I have a long way to go.

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Vanessa said...

I have been doing the same thing -- I have been rushing to get the house (we moved in a year ago, and it's been needing settled) decluttered and organized before I start teaching. I have just finished my task and it feels wonderful!

Good luck as you finish your home -- I hope it will bring a sense of peace and relaxation to your family, as well.

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