Sunday, August 3, 2008

If You Give Jen A Closet Organizer

No pictures this post, but they are coming with some before pictures when I remembered.


We purchased some closet organizers. Brooke's was put in first and modified to add more shelves. While I was finishing Brooke's closet, Tommy started taking our old organizer out which means no before picture. Our old organizer is going to Melodye. He puts in our new organizer and adds more shelves to keep me happy. It really looks wonderful, trust me. By this time it was late. So there are piles in the room of things to donate, winter clothes, things to put elsewhere, etc. We left those thinking we would finish today.

We started on Melodye's room. Before her closet can be done, the room has to be moved around so that we can bring the dresser out of the closet. Her room has way too much stuff in it because I was not able to help her last summer (thyroid problems big time). So I start moving things around while everyone else was gone. The cheap dresser that we bought four years ago starts falling apart when I moved it. The middle support came undone. One drawer has already fallen completely apart. When Tommy gets home, I explain what happened. We decide to go to Babies R Us to look for any dressers on clearance. (That's how we got Brooke's and it is a good sturdy dresser. She has even stood in the drawers to get something without a problem.) They do not have anything. In fact they are starting to carry some cheaply made dressers. We decide to go to Harlem Furniture: The Room Place to look for a dresser. We end up finding a dresser we like. It is part of a floor sample sale. In fact the entire room was on clearance. We ended up buying a bed, chest of drawers, dresser, mirror, nightstand, desk, and hutch for almost 50% off. We discussed it and didn't feel we could pass up the deal with interest free for 12 months. So this means that I had to move everything out of her room. Move the new furniture in and find the appropriate arrangement. We have gotten about 50% of her things moved back in. She is deciding where everything is going. And no her closet organizer has not been put in and I am not sure when it will be.
Tomorrow I will be finishing up getting everything back in Melodye's room and put away in my room. It probably will take most of the day.
Weird thing happened Saturday. I received a letter saying that I had registered for a teaching workshop, but I hadn't. It is paid for and local. But as I researched it, I found out that I am registered for a 3rd to 6th grade workshop and I teach Kindergarten. I have to find out if it was my school that registered me and if I can change me session to the one the day before that will really benefit me. It is on "Launching the Writer's Workshop" which will be more meaningful than :Targeting the Test Writing Genre." Wish me luck with the change.
I also have to call Verizon. For some reason my texts from Borders are being blocked. I need those texts for my coupons. LOL

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