Monday, October 27, 2008

10-24-08 NKOTB Concert Part 2

This is my first time posting a video clip from my camera, so hopefully it will work. This is a clip from NKOTB performing Summertime. Enjoy! I know I did.

When I told some people from work about the concert, they called me a freak. But you know what. . . . I am proud to be a NKOTB freak. I have always been and always will be and it's not like I have hid this tidbit of information. So I am standing and saying that I am a freak who loves New Kids on the Block and always will.

On a different note, I went to the thyroid doctor today. Super long wait because they are switching their records to electronic records. My TSH levels are finally where he wants them. They were at a .38 as opposed to the 2.05 last time and the 6.50 when this all started. But since I am still tired quite a bit he upped my dosage slightly, but does recommend that I have my primary physician order a sleep study.

Since I received a new prescription, I was able to use my coupon for CVS to receive a $25 gift card for a new or transferred prescription. Woohoo! And in a month when I need a refill, I will be using my Walgreens coupon for a transferred prescription to receive a $25 gift card. In this day and age you have to do whatever you can to save money.

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