Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Recap

A good time was had by all on Halloween. We started trick-or-treating, went around a little over one block, and the girls decided that they were done. They weren't tired or anything. They just wanted to be at home passing out candy. A few arguments over who and how the candy was going to be passed out occurred, of course. But it really was enjoyable being at home and passing out the candy. While the girls passed out the candy, I knitted. I was working on a pair of fingerless gloves for Nonnie. I finished one and need to get started on the next one.

I love this photo of Brooke. I definitely want to scrapbook this one. She was showing what a Transformer does.
Another Transformer action shot. I love how cute the costume and mask look with her little ponytails sticking out.

One last action shot. We had to tell Brooke "That's enough" because she was getting a little crazy with her actions.

Here are my little Transformer and Snow Princess.

I told them to look like they love each other and this is what I got.

Brooke excited about some treat while trying to put her mask back on for a picture.

I love this photo of Melodye showing the true joy she was feeling and not just a fake smile which is waht we usually get.

Melodye felt the need to skip the entire time. I think the dress and how it belled out made her want to skip.

And here are this year's pumpkins. Melodye painted the Black Cat. Brooke painted the little Easter Egg as she called her pumpkin. The other pumpkin is a craft pumpkin from last year that we carved.

The girls got so much candy in the short time that they trick-or-treated. Then we didn't even hand out all of the candy that we had. So this means that the girls are in "Candy Heaven."

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