Sunday, November 2, 2008

Entry Way Organization

I am a little late in posting this. Organizational Junkie has a monthly organizational goal. Now we didn't meet this goal on time. But late is better than never.

In this first picture is when you walk in the front door. We only use the front door for the girls when they get off the bus and for company. The hooks are from Ikea. The girls keep their backpacks and umbrellas here. There sometimes are jackets hanging here, but we do try to keep it to one jacket per girl here. We try to not have our shoes here, but sometimes it happens. I have boots here because I was carrying things in and didn't feel like going back in the basement to put the boots away. Brooke has her slippers there for a reason only she knows.

As a family we enter the house through the garage into the basement. This is the corner of the laundry room area. This area is not finished, but will be as Tommy has time. We also are not sure how we want the whole mudroom/laundryroom. Whether it will be one big room or two rooms or 1 1/2 rooms.

Here are the shoe racks. The spinning rack is from Costco. The top two tiers are for Melodye and and bottom two are for Brooke. We just took all the summer shoes off and the girls' feet just grew so that is the reason for the sparse amount of shoes. The white racks are from Walmart. This has the girls boots, mine, and Tommy's shoes. The blue chair was from Target. There are a few spots for us to sit an put our shoes on.

This is the right side of the closet area. This is where we keep all of our jackets and coats at all times. The rubbermaid containers on the floor are the summer shoes that we packed up recently. The file box on the top shelf with the maroon lid is a "School Stuff" box. Each girl has a box that I keep their school work filed in.

Here you can see that we have 2 "School Stuff" boxes. The shelf has the winter boots on it. The rack to the left is empty. It used to hold our hats, gloves, and scarves, but I wasn't happy with it. I am not sure whether we are going to use it or donate it yet.

This is our Ikea container that I love. The girls can sit on the left side to put their shoes on. The containers are for Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Mel's Soccer Stuff, Brooke's Soccer Stuff, and two empty ones. I, of course, plan on labeling the containers, but I haven't taken the time yet.

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