Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Classroom Organization

I reorganized my classroom during Fall Break in October, but I never posted it. Come to think of it, I might not have ever posted my classroom. Now these pictures are not in any particular order, just the way they came up alphabetically.

This is the calendar area and no I didn't take a close up of the calendar area. All the charts that we cover are hanging on hooks on the left side, then we do the calendar, the Today is sentence, then we go to the top left and do tally marks, weather, secret code date (the number date), and straws for number of days in school. The mats came from Sam's Club. Each child sits in their own mat so I don't have anyone touching anyone else.

These are the doors to the closet area. They just have informational stuff on them. The kids can use them when I remember to close the doors. The students are not allowed to touch the doors.
Another view of the closet doors. The three on the right are for student projects.
This is my reading corner.
These are the shelves around the calendar area. The books are on top and centers are ont he bottom. The book holders are either from the Target Dollar Spot last year or from Really Good Stuff. Last year the centers did all have picture labels on them, but there are new ones that I just have not labeled.
This is the supply box shelf. I would rather have all the students sit at tables, but I don't have that many tables. So the students are not supposed to put things in their desks, but they do try to sneak. The supply boxes are put here at the end of the day. Each shelf is labeled for the group that they are in. I bought all of the boxes at Target on clearance. The shelves are also from Target many years ago. I bought them on clearance and used them with the girls until their toy room was finished and then I snapped these up for my class.
This is the view of the class from the door. The closet doors are to the right so is the reading group area. Calendar area is straight ahead. This angle makes the room look huge but it isn't. Two of the other kindergarten teachers and a first grade teacher have classrooms that are about three times the size of mine. I make do with what I can.
This is a view of the shelves in front of the windows. I have some centers here. The shelves are so short I can't even put books on them, just a little annoying.
Corner of the windows by the calendar area. My teacher books are on top of the shelf under the window and in the white bookcase which is also from Target, of course.
Here is my word wall. This is located to the left when you enter the door. That desk is not normally there. Another teacher was coming to get it.
Next to the word wall are the bathrooms and then this is my back corner. The computer does not work. I am waiting for it to be removed and I am still waiting and will probably wait all year and next year. More centers on the shelves.
This is my construction paper area. I love this shelf. I just got it this year and I love being able to pull out what I need and having the paper stay flat. I need to make a cover for it so that the paper doesn't fade. The blue paper box lid holds my scraps so that I can use them again. I have other lids like this that hold the TLC Project materials in them.
This is the front of the classroom. I don't use the chalkboard that often, I usually use the overhead. When I do use the chalkboard, I put the screen up. The blue chart is for centers, but it wasn't completed then. This area is to the right of the calendar area. Around the overhead I have one desk that holds the bins the students turn their homework and notebooks in, a desk and cart that have my teaching materials for the whole group area.
This is my desk. There are always multiple piles on there and whatever book I read for pleasure for the last five or ten minutes of my lunch hour.

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