Monday, December 1, 2008

Wonderful Art Projects

If you're a primary teacher, I have a website for you to check out. Go to TLC Art and check out the site. The art projects are absolutely wonderful. The children end up with a too too cute project, but in the process they are practicing cutting skills, listening skills, math vocabulary, placement vocabulary, etc. It really is amazing what they learn from these lessons. My kindergarten students are able to tell you the difference between horizontal and vertical. Other teachers have noticed and commented on how my students are able to cut and use geometry so well in comparison to other classes. My problem is that there are so many projects that I would like to do, but not enough time.

Here are a sample that my class did last year. These are Mrs. Wishy-Washy from the book by Joy Cowley. The directions told how to make her head covering but I forgot to cut out the pieces. Ooops, bad teacher. All of the pieces are handed to the students as squares or rectangles. Then the fun begins.

Later or tomorrow I will post some pictures that my class did this year of Pilgrims and the Mayflower.

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