Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday

Now that I have actually figured out how to schedule posts, I am hoping to post more often. We will see.
Thanksgiving Weekend was super busy.

  • Thursday we went to my parent's house and went to see Four Christmases. I have mixed feelings about the movie. Some parts were funny, but I felt like the movie was a little disjointed.
  • Friday we started shopping at Midnight. Tommy and I. The girls stayed with my parents. May parents watch the girls and we pick up what they are wanting for them. Unfortunately, we were not able to pick up anything they wanted. They were sold out before we could get them. Luckily Jill was able to get the things for them. The stores she has by her serve a different demographic so there were plenty left. We started off shopping at the outlet mall, headed to Staplem but the line was too long, went to Office Max but they didn't open for another hour, went to Sam's Club and ate their free breakfast, shopped at Walmart, shopped at Target, went to Staples but they were sold out of the memory cards, shopped at Office Max, shopped at Menards, and shopped at Costco. Then we went home a crashed. I was so tired that I missed a step in the garage and fell. I ended up with a cratched up knee.
  • Saturday we went out to my brother, Noel's house. Tommy helped him with the addition, putting in insulation. I sat on the couch and got progress reports finished. I only have a few left to do minor testing and then I can send them out. This was a major relief to finish them. Then I knit a little on my brother's blanket. The end is in sight for the blanket and I cannot wait.
  • Saturday, Jeff, Kelly, and Ethan came over for a brunch. We talked Twilight, I sorted and filed coupons. I then went to Kmart for double coupons. I saved about 72%. Better than the time before, so I was excited. Let me just say that we are swimming in cat treats that were free. Then I ran errands at Target and Walmart. Boy was I ever glad to get home.
25 days until Christmas. I better start getting cracking on making Christmas Cards.

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