Thursday, January 15, 2009

Twilight Times Two

I went tonight to see Twilight again for the second time. I ended up going by myself, but when I showed up at the theater, my friend Kim was there. so I sat with her. Now she is a big fan. This was her seventh time seeing the movie.

I enjoyed myself alot more the second time. This time I didn't have to worry about whether it was going to live up to my expectations. I already knew it would. I was able to notice details that I had not seen before. I loved Bella's multicolorblocked scarf. I really need to find a pattern for that.

After the movie, I discovered that I am not meant to live in Alaska. When I got to the van, the outside of the windows did not have ice, but the inside of the windows did. I ended up having to sit forever to get that defrosted. So while I waited I listened to the end of the Stash and Burn podcast and a little bit of New Kids.

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