Monday, January 19, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

I do not know how it happens. I have an extra day off of work, and I get even less done than I normally do. I always plan on getting lots done, but somehow I did not get any of it even started let alone finished. This weekend was a lot of errand running, straightening of the house, and having friends over on Saturday. But other than that, I didn't get anything else finished. I just don't know where the time goes.

Another example, we have tickets to go see Disney on Ice for Wednesday. We did not realize that it was this week until we looked at the calendar. It just seemed like there was another week in there somewhere. I do not know where the month has gone. It has really flown. But the girls are excited to go. We also have the girls and Tommy having dentist appointments tomorrow after school,which makes for a long day. Today I had my blood test for my thyroid for my appointment next week. Sometime it just seems like there is always something or somewhere to go or do.

I know this is a weird post, but I just needed to vent a little. My picture a day is not going so well. I have missed quite a few days. But I am going to try to get going again. I also haven't worked out in a week, but I am going to start again because I can and will still meet my goal of working out 24 times by Valentine's Day. Right now I have completed 4 times, only 20 more to go.

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