Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Week Is Over

Boy am I glad this week is over. It was a terribly long week. Here's the rundown.

  • Brooke has been sick with a cold for two weeks and now I have it and feel like I have been run over by a truck. I took Nyquil last night since both girls slept over friend's houses. I think Dayquil works better for me than the Nyquil. 
  • I had to report a case of sexual abuse for one of my students. I am still upset over this.
  • Found out that it is official that my school is closing after this year. There are no other details. Our principal doesn't want to talk about the details. She thinks the district office needs to be the ones to talk to us, but who knows when that will be happening since it's hard to coordinate schedules for the district office, the union, and others. Craziness.
  • Went on a field trip yesterday. My kids and parents were wonderful. They were my saving grace. Another class got lost beforehand, So I had to walk around the place TWICE. Yes twice to find them to give them their tickets. This part is not going to be filled with details because I do not want to have it come back to haunt me. Let's just say that a student ended up missing for a short time from this class and I ended up being the one looking for him. It all ended up fine. He was found. But I did have to go to the principal concerning the situation. And now there is a meeting scheduled for the grade level concerning this situation.
  • District Wide Testing for second on up happened this week. This meant that there were no specials this week. The special teachers are used to proctor the test. So I spent Friday night copying for next week because that was the first chance I had. I was worn out when I got home.
But today is a new day and it will definitely be much better. Right now I am going to take another dose of Dayquil, take a shower, and find out when I am picking these girls up.

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