Thursday, April 16, 2009

Driving Me Crazy

I tell you computers can really drive a person CRAZY!!!!!! I thought they were supposed to make our lives easier. Our desktop computer crashed. It had an external hard drive that was set up to automatically back up files. But it hasn't made a back up since September!!!!!! Which means all of our Itunes information is GONE! Messing around with Itunes, I discover that we have two accounts. How in the world did we end up with two accounts? So I am trying to recover what I can, but it is killing me. I do not want this headache or responsibility. I have emailed Apple. I am waiting for the emailed response, but I am leaving tomorrow afternoon to go to a dude ranch with Melodye and the Girl Scouts. So I may still be resolving this issue next week, Frustrating I tell you.

The computer problems means that I did not take the pictures I planned. Hopefully I will remember to take the pictures and post them in between packing for our trip tomorrow.

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