Sunday, July 5, 2009

Living Room Redo

We have been super busy around the house. Here is a list of things we have been doing;

  • Both girls are taking tumbling.
  • Melodye is volunteering at the library.
  • Melodye and Brooke attends two different summer reading program.
  • We have been to Six Flags a few times.
  • The living room, hallway, and foyer have been painted.
  • We tore up carpet in the living room and hallway.
  • We replaced the carpet with bamboo (It is gorgeous!!)
  • We bought new living room furniture.
  • Brooke is obsessed with Super Heroes like Batman, X-Men, Robin, Spiderman, etc.
Here are some pictures showing these things.
Bamboo flooring is from Costco, wall color is Classic Taupe by Behr from Home Depot, furniture is from Harlem Furniture. I love how it came together. 
Next on our list includes the flooring for the three bedroom, painting the kitchen, and putting in a backsplash in the kitchen. time and energy consuming projects, but will be worth it when we are finished.

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