Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2010 Monthly Goals

The New Year has officially started. 2010 ... amazing ... and going to be difficult to remember to write. I have thought long and hard about New Years Resolutions. Deciding how I would like to do them and keep them with keeping them being the ultimate goal. Well I read something earlier today and sadly I don't remember where, although it might have been a Facebook post or not. Basically it said why set New Years Resolutions only once a year, every day is a new day with all these possibilities. I really like that thought, but setting resolutions each day will get old really quick. So I have decided to set goals/resolutions a month at a time. I figure in that amount of time (28 to 31 days depending on the month) I will have time to achieve my goals and if I don't achieve them completely I am able to adjust them for the next month.

So here are my goals for the month of January 2010:

1. Actually complete Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I have completed Day 1 and that is a real start.

2. Do not eat out for the whole month. Now this is a whole family resolution. Tommy has said that he is on board. Now I just have to get the girls on board. I figure this will be beneficial in eating healthier, spending less, and planning our time better.

3. Get our savings account built back up to a comfortable amount. Now this means watching our spending, continuing using coupons in the combination with sales, but mostly being mindful of how we are spending our money.

4. Keep up with the house cleaning and organization. Now don't get me wrong ... the house never gets that bad, but enough to annoy us. We spent our Christmas Break cleaning, organizing, and purging. I would like for us to keep up with this and in the process all of us will be in better moods. (The only room that didn't get done was the scrapbook room so I am going to make that a priority. Who am I kidding? It is always last on the cleaning priority list, but I am going to try to get it cleaned and organized by the end of the month.)

5. Work on the February Lady Sweater. Now I would love to say finish it, but I do not know if that is realistic. I started it in the spring and it has now been sitting for months and months. So I am not even sure where I am on it right now. Good news though, I did finish my Alice scarf which had no reason to take so long other than laziness.

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