Saturday, January 2, 2010

Toy Room Reorganization

Tommy and I spent some time in the toy room organizing it. The girls had semi-quasi-cleaned it. Which meant that they picked everything up off of the floor and shoved it somewhere. At first glance it was straightened, but I could not handle the way it was. Also, the girls said that they could not be able to tell their friends where to put everything. So reorganizing had to happen. Now the toy room was organized previously as shown in this post, but things had to change with all the things the girls had grown out of and donated.

This is the view to the left of the door. Now I didn't get any close up pictures of the basket and art cart, but they are labeled. This is quite an accomplishment that all of the labeling did occur. The basket categories are Build-A-Bear clothes, Horses, Mr. Potato Head, Super Hero Stuff, Animals, People, Vehicles, and an empty basket. The cart with the pink drawers holds all of the art materials like crayons, markers, glue, etc. The white carts hold odds and ends right now. The kitchen stuff used to be in them and we have not repurposed them other than holding coloring books on top and construction paper in a drawer.

This is the right far corner. The train table does not hold trains anymore. It is now the lego table. Stuffed animals are on the shelf. They have an addiction to small stuffed animals, especially dogs and cats. Swords and light sabers are in the bin next to the lego table. Baby dolls are in the beds. Brooke got rid of all of her baby dolls except for her American Girl Twins.

This is to the right of the door. The closet is in the corner. Then we have an easel from Ikea.

The closet finally has a rod to hang the costumes. There is a stool for the shorter kids to be able to reach the costumes. The container on the shelf is holding the trains until we can give them to someone who will use them. The white cart that hold the dress up jewelry and crowns from the earlier post is still being used on the right side of the closet, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

And then we have the door to enter and exit the room. I love it being a pocket door. I love being able to see what the kids are doing without going in the room. I wish that the kids would learn not to put their hands and faces all over the door.

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Ummah said...

superb nice setup...:)
I like ur room so much...:)

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