Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Laundry Room Organization

Over Christmas Break, the husband and I reorganized the laundry room. This is after the previous organization that I had posted earlier.

Now some things are not that different, but really needed to be redone due to lack of keep-up.

We were able to get some cherry slot/slat board for free. So that was put up quite a bit ago, just never pictured. Adult coats and jackets are on top with children coats on the bottom. Adult shoes are on the two racks to the left. Children shoes are on the twirling rack. We just went through the shoes and donated what didn't fit. Somehow the girls grew out of almost all of their shoes seemingly overnight.

Close up of the coats and shoes.

The container to the left holds the beach towels. the green basket has goggles. These are only used during swim lessons during the summer, but I really don't feel the need to move that stuff into storage and then back out when we need it because it really doesn't take up that much room. I FINALLY labeled the bins so there is no reason for things not being put away correctly. I used my Cricut Expression and vinyl for the labels. The brown basket on top is for gloves that do not have matches at this particular time. Melodye's and Brooke's bins are for soccer stuff.

Here is the storage area. This area was my nemesis. I hated it. It had gotten so I would have to pull boxes out to get to the ones behind them. So I then just started throwing things wherever there was room. Now each row of bins is for a particular holiday with Christmas having two rows.

These bins were also labeled. The taxes bins, of course hold previous years tax information. When I put a year in, I take the oldest year out. So my tax information will not ever be any larger than these two bins. The bins with the girls' names are for school papers. There is a hanging file folder for each year of school. When the girls bring home papers I want to keep, I put them in a drawer of the buffet in the dining room. Every few months I go through the papers. The ones I still want to keep go into the file. I keep things with their handprints, special writings (especially showing their personality), etc.

In order to make present wrapping better, I bought two more bins and labeled them. Now we can grab the bin for exactly what we need without having to dig through other things.

I convinced the hubby that I needed a better bookcase. I had a little bookcase and books were piled in front of each other. We bought one white bookcase, moved the old one in Melodye's room, and moved her white bookcase downstairs. I love the look of the books all arranged. The bookcases are behind the heater and water heater. They fact the storage area.

So now it is January 13 and the laundry room is still looking like this. In my book that is a successful reorganization.

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