Thursday, November 27, 2008

Laundry Room Organization

Once again another month of organization has gone by and once again I have participated in Organizational Junkie's Monthly organizaing Round-Up. Tommy and I completed the Laundry Room Organization at the beginning of the month. We purchased a freezer and needed to make room for it. Hence, the organization at the beginning of the month. Our laundry room is in the basement. It is a combination room with our mud room. This is the room you enter from the garage which is how we enter our house.
This is a before shot. The door is to the left of the refrigerater, then an old dresser, dryer and washer. Nothing fancy and nothing too terrible. But this is what we started with. Now the mud room portion was organized last month, so only minor changes were made to it. Here is the post about the mud room organization.

Now we have the door, refrigerater, freezer (isn't it beautiful?), washer dryer, and utility sink. We moved the shelf from where the freezer is now located to above the washer and utility sink. This was done because it wouldn't fit anywhere else and this way if the laundry detergent drips, it goes in the sink.

Here is a close up of the shelf, looking much better now that it is organized. The basket has the lingerie bags for washing the unmentionables, easy to access, but yet keeps them contained. The laundry sign is from Kohls. It will finally be hung when the room is finished.

This is to the right of the laundry facilities. Someday this will be bathroom and then we will have to figure out where to put all of this stuff. The black shelf holds the extras that I have gotten through couponing. The mass of boxes and containers is holiday decorations. We really have to get that area organized.

Here is a close up of the shelf. The three containers in front are laundry organizers from Ikea. They make it easy to sort laundry, even for 4 year olds like Brooke. Black is for the colored clothing and of course the white is for whites. The bonus is that the have wheels and roll to the washer. The wheels do have to be purchased separately, but well worth it. Another bonus is that Brooke loves to sort laundry using these containers. She really thinks it's a game and we'll let her think that if we get to have laundry sorted without a fuss.

Here is the mudroom area. I moved the Ikea shelf so it is closer to the door. This way the hats, gloves, and scarves are close to the door and may even get put away.

Here are the coats with the shoe racks underneath. The rubbermaid bins have things that need to be donated. We just haven't taken them in yet. The red thing with the reflective tape is a winter coat for our dog, Bogo. We got it from Lands End last year and it really does keep him warm.

This is the utility sink. We put the cat's litter box underneath it and it just fit. The cat is actually making less of a mess with the litter getting out of the box now that it is here. We did put a Command hook on the side of the washer to hang the scooper for the litter box. Easy for Melodye to get to in order to scoop the litter box. In the process of this organization, we moved the cat, Princess (a boy cat), food and water upstairs. We did this so that Brooke can start being in charge of that job, which she is now loving.

Nothing fancy, just little changes that make it feel nicer to me. Now I don't dread walking through that room. And I LOVED and APPRECIATE all the help my husband did with this room Thank you, sweetie pie.


imadramamama said...

We have our litter under the sink, too, and we also hang our scooper on the side of the dryer! Great minds think alike, LOL!

mom2triplets04 said...

Love your new freezer and your sorter bins. I too have 4 year olds and they do like to help with the laundry. Great job on your decluttering.

Alicia said...

The freezer looks perfect there. Your room is so big and looks great!

Avlor said...

All the little changes you made are great! (You are really organized!)

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

WHOA that looks incredible! No excuses not to do laundry, eh? :) What a relief to go do that horrible chore in a tidy area like that.

Org Junkie said...

Yay, guess what?! You are our round-up winner!! Please email me and we'll get you set up.



Mrs. E. said...

Congratulations! Looks wonderful. I bet you just love to walk into such organization now, huh? happy new year!

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